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   Pack Meeting Activity 

 What is a Pack?What is a Pack?

The Pack serves as a "parent" organization to the Dens and provides direction, program support and maintenance of the budget. The Pack is led by the Pack Committee that consists of representatives from each Den, Cubmaster and parents. The Pack Committee Chairman leads these monthly meetings and we encourage parents to participate when possible. Meetings can be found on the Pack calendar. The Pack Committee along with the Cubmaster leads the group in planning and organizing Pack programs.

Pack Meetings and activities are held monthly at the Lake Villa United Methodist Church on Sherwood, south of Grand Ave. & west of Rt. 83 in Lake Villa. Special events may be held at other local venues. The Pack Meetings may include award ceremonies, Den Skits, guest speakers, activities or special outings.

The Pack meetings are intended for the entire family. It is a time for the entire unit and their families to get together to learn and celebrate each other’s accomplishments over the past month.

The Pack Meetings occur during the entire calendar year. Although each Den may not meet during the summer, we encourage each Scout family to attend the Pack Meetings held during the summer. Throughout the year the Pack plans a variety of special events and activities, such as the Derby, Caroling, Boo Camp and Winter Fest. To see a schedule for 2011-2012, click attachment below.


Den Meetings

Packs are divided into Dens of six to ten boys. Dens are made up of boys in the same grade and age, so they can work together to earn the appropriate Rank.

Tiger Dens usually meet two or three times a month. Their Den Meetings include the Scouts and their Adult Partners. Each Den has a volunteer Den Leader, but all Adult Partners work cooperatively to plan and host the meetings. Typically each Scout/Partner team is assigned an activity from the Tiger Cub Handbook to plan and host. These gatherings are often outings to local points of interest.

Wolf, Bear, and Webelos Den Meetings are usually held once a week for one to 1½ hours. Den Meetings can be held at a Leader’s home, school, church or other venue depending on the activity. Although the Den Leader and Assistant Den Leaders are responsible for coordinating and running the Den Meetings, each Scout’s family will play an active role in the Scout activities, at the meetings and at home. There must always be two (2) adults present at all meetings and activities. The activities at the Den Meetings vary widely from games, crafts, skills work, field trips, etc. The National organization sets a theme for each month and the Den Meetings may center on this theme or one of the achievements in the rank book.

Each Den has it's own private site to communicate updates and meeting reminders.

 Family Camp
Family Events

The Pack may also participate in “Family Events” throughout the year. These activities are not under the official Scouting umbrella, but provide an opportunity for Scouting families to enjoy activities together. Past events have included: family campouts, local sporting events, or other field trips. Each Scout must be accompanied by a parent to participate in such “Family Events”.


 Rank and Advancements

Recognition is important to young boys. The Cub Scout advancement plan provides fun for the boys, gives them a sense of personal achievement as they earn badges, and strengthens family understanding as adult family members work with boys on advancement projects.

Typically achievements towards earning the Wolf or Bear badges are done by the Scout with their family at home. The Den may do some achievements as part of their regular meeting, however most are oriented to be done with the family. Webelos Den Meetings typically involve completing the various requirements of the Webelos badge, activity badges or progress towards the Arrow of Light

To learn more about Rank and Advancements see attachment below.

 Selling Popcorn at Jewel
While fundraising is very important, you can be assured that we make every effert to keep the time spent raising funds to a minimum. Typically the Pack participates in a popcorn fundraising activity in the fall of each year. All boys are encouraged to participate but Parents may choose otherwise
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